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A national partner with the means, the knowledge and the experience in the installation industry

Kraanverhuur Nederland is your national hoisting partner for installation work. Putting in units, air conditioners, ducts and pipes, machines, installations and others is one of our specialisations. For instance we have worked for industries, shipping companies, petrochemical companies, and on customized projects. Kraanverhuur Nederland has a customized crane for every installation within a radius of 45 kilometres from the work location thanks to the collaboration between six leading crane rental companies. As a national partner we have the means and employees with expertise and experience which is required for specialist hoisting.

This allows us to provide you the crane which best suits your needs so as to not rent overcapacity. Customized crane rental is efficient, meticulous, cost conscious and guaranteed quality. Thus ensuring that you always get the ideal price/capacity ratio. This is realized by working very meticulously. We leave nothing to chance, we think along on the method, using the right crane and procedures whereby the assignment can be performed. Specialist hoisting is preceded by writing a plan of action and plan for hoisting. Such careful planning provides the basis for the best results. At Kraanverhuur Nederland we realize that our services are part of your project as well as your budget. Therefore we make good arrangements in regard to the methods and procedures as well as the tariff customized to your specific needs.

Do you require more information on Kraanverhuur Nederland? Do call us to make a casual appointment with one of our advisors. We will gladly inform you on the possibilities that we can offer you as a national partner.