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Kraanverhuur Nederland,
your national partner for hoisting quality

One information centre for each hoisting job in the Netherlands

Always the right crane nearby.

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Who are we?

Kraanverhuur Nederland is an initiative of nine regional leading vertical transport companies. We aim to provide a national service to customers operating on a national level and in different regions. Kraanverhuur Nederland has a total capacity of more than 250 mobile cranes and employs more or less 300 people. We can provide the right crane for every type of assignment within a radius of 50 kilometres given our 18 branch offices throughout the Netherlands. You contact our information centre after which you can make clear arrangements for every assignment wherever in the Netherlands with a local logistics officer. Thus working faster, more efficiently and more cost conscious. This is what Kraanverhuur Nederland, your national partner for vertical transport, excels at.

Corporate social responsibility and sustainable entrepreneurship

Kraanverhuur Nederland focusses on corporate social responsibility and sustainable entrepreneurship. This allows for Kraanverhuur Nederland to let employees work responsibly and safely, to affect the environment as little as possible, and to make customers trust us to do business with us. Diesel usage and CO2 emission is limited  as Kraanverhuur Nederland is always located within a radius of 50 kilometres. Furthermore Kraanverhuur Nederland operates in accordance with certifications which optimizes the safety of people.

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